Wedding Receptions Today

During the wedding season from May to October in most years, weekends are filled with an immense number of marriage celebrations and receptions throughout the country.  Most of these parties generally include extended family and friends in attendance with some traveling a distance to attend.  Events with a large gathering of guests seems to be one of the leading breeding grounds for the Coronavirus to spread especially in indoor spaces.  Wedding receptions fit into that category with an enclosed environment, perhaps poor air circulation and high density of people conversing, singing and dancing in close proximity of each other.  Some couples are choosing micro, mini or video only ceremonies to help contain the spread of the virus. 

Industry and Bride’s Outlook in Dallas

Data studies shows only 4 percent of couples have outright canceled their weddings. Others are modifying as needed. Although it is somewhat somber to downscale their weddings, brides say the Coronavirus has helped put thinks in perspective. It is all about marrying the person you love and there is much more to look forward to after a wedding.  Their change of plans have somewhat become a part of history. While it may be too early to tell how coronavirus will affect the wedding industry in the long-term, Lauren Kay, executive editor of The Knot, told NBC News that “when large gatherings are permitted again” she anticipates weddings will be among the “first events to thrive again.”  

Could the Wedding Culture Be Changed Forever

Will the virtual wedding change these huge social gathering of the past?  Tweets on the subject say the contrary.  People want face-to face, real-life human interaction.  Psychologically and behaviorally, we need physical connections and community to thrive. This pandemic has shown how we value human connections with those near and dear to us.   However, the comfort level for guests to attend wedding receptions again will require more time to return to normal.  Many venues are working hard to establish safe practices to provide a compliant environment to build more confidence in attendees. These events will just have to be downsized parties without some of the frills.  Hugs, kisses and handshakes will turn into waves, elbow bumps and blowing of kisses from at least 6 feet away. 

Options for Compliant Wedding Receptions in Dallas

Another difficulty faced once group gatherings return is being sure all the health protocols in place are being followed to keep all guests and staff at a wedding from contracting the Coronavirus.  Trinity Event Staffing teams know hospitality inside and out. While they supply servers, bartenders and chefs for events, they also have sanitizing specialists.  These staff members have been through extensive training and would be on hand for cleaning and sanitizing to allow you to enjoy your event.  Trinity’s team is diligent and persistent to ensure the highest quality standards whether they are moving furniture for 6 feet spacing, serving food or sanitizing surfaces.  The staff with Trinity are reliable, neatly groomed, uniformed and professional.  

The presence of cleaning staff seen on-site by your guests would tell your guests that you are concerned about their safety.  The staff with Trinity could sanitize high touch surfaces as your guests come in contact with them.  They could also assist with the enforcement of social distancing and wearing of masks should this be made a requirement at your wedding.  This in turn, would alleviate some of their concerns with attending your function.


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