A COVID Compliant Wedding in Dallas

COVID Compliant Wedding in Dallas

For most weddings, bartenders, serving staff, caterers and chefs are hired so family and friends are off the hook to enjoy the day rather than volunteering for these duties. Now, however, for everything to go well, there is the need for additional safeguards to be put in place.  Some of these protective measures include but are not limited to: spacing out seating, restricting the number of guests at each table, providing hand sanitizer to staff and guests as well as frequent cleaning and sanitizing of high touch surfaces throughout the festivities.   Venues and caterers may not have the manpower or skilled individuals on their payroll for these added tasks.

Search for Reputable, Versatile Vendors in Your Area

More thought will go into choosing staff for weddings of the future.  When picking out your servers and bartenders, additional vetting will be required.  The individuals as always, should be professional, background checked contractors trained well in the hospitality field.  Vendors of choice will now be those also versed as sanitizing specialists.  These staff members have been through extensive training and would have the knowledge of what a COVID compliant wedding should be like reassuring both you and your guests.

Sanitizing Team During Your Wedding Creates a Comfort Level

The staff with Trinity Event Staffing can be hired as servers and bartenders but also to sanitize high touch surfaces as your guests come in contact with them. Having trained professionals serve the food eliminates a great risk. The presence of cleaning staff seen on-site by your guests would tell everyone that you are concerned about their safety.   They could also assist with the enforcement of social distancing, and wearing of masks should this be made a requirement at your wedding.  This in turn, would alleviate some of their concerns with attending your function and safeguard attendees from possible virus spread.

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