There is far more to think about now when planning a wedding than just when, where, who to invite and how much it will cost.  Huge celebrations may not happen for a while as large group gatherings are restricted, scary for some guests and family to attend or an impossible thought due to social distancing recommendations. Being in close proximity indoors with others could pose a threat to the spread of COVID-19.  To have a COVID compliant wedding, your guest list may be very limited and a lot of thought and consideration will go into the new health protocols.  A party like a wedding could have dire consequences for elderly family or those with pre-existing conditions.  Planning a wedding during this pandemic may be a very daunting task.

COVID Compliant Wedding Marry Me

The New Normal For a Wedding Includes a Requirement To Be Compliant

Should the bride and groom proceed with their plans for a wedding, the day would look quite a bit different than a blissful wedding day of the past.  Guests will need some reassurance before returning a RSVP that the risk of contracting COVID-19 at the wedding is minimal.  Governor Abbott’s plan for opening Texas back for gatherings to happen again outlines strict health protocols for wedding chapels, venues, as well as for the attendees.  Many venues are working hard to establish safe practices to provide a compliant environment to combat the spread of COVID-19.  New health protocols are asking for social distancing so the layouts of these establishments will most likely need to be re-arranged.

New Regulations for Serving of Food and Drink to Invitees 

For a safe and strategic reopening of large gatherings including weddings, there is the need for staff to be trained on the new health protocols to follow.  If food is being served buffet style, hired staff must dish the food out to guests rather than self-service.  Bartenders must maintain a distance of 6 or more feet between them to be compliant.  Staff as well as guests may also be asked to wear masks and other protective gear.